Happy New Year!

Ending 2018 and starting 2019 with art! My wrist is finally feeling normal again so it's back to the studio. I'm trying to balance working on a tablet with actual painting and drawing. I'm playing around with a paint brush and painting whatever pops up without too much of a plan. Apparently I want to paint grumpy ladies

Image (4).jpg
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The Halloween Room

It’s my favorite time of year! If you haven’t noticed, I’m a humongous Halloween fan.
Wanna see some photos of my studio?

6a00e54efdf112883301b7c8a8ae83970b (1).png

This is my Halloween Room. It’s Halloween all year long in here! My daughters and I love curling up in here with a stack of scary stories.


I keep all my spooky goodness in here. When it’s not the haunting season, it’s a great room for reading or having a quiet cup of tea.


When you have a ton of art hanging around, something always seems a little crooked. I painted a big series of small black and white paintings years ago. I kept my favorite monsters from the set. And there is a top-secret hole in the wall under the Darth Vader mask. Mysterious things appear in that small passageway sometimes. Seriously.

arch (1).jpg

That ceiling was tricky to paint! Glad I did, though. I wanted it to look a bit like the inside of a circus or carnival tent. I love orange and yellow! The mobile is made of owls, bats, and monarch butterflies.

Here’s the doorway that leads to the Arabian Nights Room. This was when we had just finished but not moved in yet. I drew the door frame shape and Adam built in. That guy can build anything!


The door leads to my husband’s shop. That’s our “love window” He can see me and I can see him all the way into my painting area. We planned it that way so we could wave at each other. We’re sappy like that.
Happy Halloween Eve, everybody!

One costume down!

One costume down!
Rascal the accoon hat is going as Rose for Halloween, from the Curious Creations of Christine McConnell.

Rose Rascal.jpg

Halloween Storytime Videos

I made a video playlist of me reading Halloween stories. Share them with any little person in your life that might enjoy some sweet spookiness!
Teachers and homeschoolers-let me know if you have any requests and I’ll try to find the book you like for a video. :)

A peek from last year's Inktober

I wanted to share some of LAST year's Inktober illustrations. I did a monster a day in pen and ink, black and white (or sepia) only.

THIS year, you can follow along with my #Inktober project at my Glitterville Comic Blog. I'm doing Glitterville-themed things every day during October.

Inktober 2017 collage.jpg

Inktober 2018

I’m doing Inktober again this year-anyone joining me?
Inktober is a project where artists draw anything in ink during October. There are different sites and groups, like Draw-lloween, Monster per day, etc.

Click here for a link to the Inktober website.
This year, I’m doing ALL Glitterville-related art. Some will be my regular comic strip, and some will be fun one-offs or activity sheets.
You can follow my Inktober progress at any of these places:
blog: Glitterville Comic Blog
Facebook: Glitterville Comic
Instagram: @glittervillecomic

I’m cheating a bit and using color for some, but I always start with real, live pen and ink!
Here are my first few days:

Spooky Square Scramble.jpg
Glitterville Comic-October 2, 2018.jpg

AASH Vol. 3-Arcadia Art Show in Tyler, Tx


Join the opening of the third annual international juried show AASH - Arcadia Art Show. The Arcadia Art Show will feature both local and international artists judged by an international jury. There will be awards for “Best in Show” and a “People’s Choice” award among others. The show will be on view until February 12th, 2019. Admission is free.

Let's play "I Spy" with my blackboard art!

You can look at this list while you're seeing the blackboard in person at Lark on the Park in Dallas, or you can play along from your screen.

-7 balloons
-1 dinosaur
-2 people playing croquet
-someone wearing headphones
-1 cat
-a picnic basket
-a mohawk
-people playing petanque
-someone sewing
-someone ladder golf
-someone on a scooter
-a Willie Nelson fan
-Eunice the unicorn from Glitterville Comic
-2 bunnies
-5 people with beards
-someone putting
-3 ½ hearts
-someone in a taekwondo uniform
-3 people doing yoga
-6 food trucks
-19 balls
-2 people playing table tennis
-a Girl Scout
-10 people wearing glasses
-3 seashells (For Laurie-thank you for helping me find a practice blackboard!)
-a chicken
-parking meter
-Batman symbol
-2 Trekkies
-a mail lady
-19 dogs
-someone eating ice cream
-13 pigeons
There's also a self-portrait of me with my family. (Hint...I'm in the Glitterville shirt.) 
I drew 26 people I know in this blackboard...I hope they have fun spotting themselves!

Lark on the Park Blackboard Long.jpg
Lark Left.jpg
Lark Middle.jpg
Lark Right.jpg

It's so fun to eat there and watch people looking at the blackboards. It makes me happy to see people enjoying the art and pointing out little bits they like.

Laura with Lark Blackboard.jpg

Lark on the Park has the prettiest flowers. Next time I'm in, I'll have to ask who does their arrangements.

Lark Flowers.jpg

Here's a rough draft for my piece. Sometimes I work very close to my initial draft, and sometimes I don't. 

Rough 1.jpg

The one below is an even earlier draft. However, I ended up getting chosen for a board that would be up starting in July. So, I decided to re-imagine it for warmer weather. 

Chalk Mural 1.jpg
Laura Irrgang-Lark on the Park submission small.jpg

Another early idea in black and white. 
Below are the other blackboards that are up right now. It was fun to work with the other artists on installation day.  (Artists below: Jackson Henry, Miguel Bonilla, Brent Hale, Gabriela Marisol, Dace Lucia Kidd, Jingchun Quan)

Lark Board 2.jpg
Lark Board 3.jpg
Lark Board 4.jpg
Lark Board 6.jpg
Lark Board 7.jpg

The food is amazing at Lark---I bet you'll be thrilled with anything you choose. Chef Ryan Barnett has a changing seasonal menu.

Lark repost.jpg

(Above photo credit: Lark on the Park, all others photos by Laura Irrgang)

My entry for the Global Talent Search-"The Snailmaid"


I'm entering the Global Talent Search held by the Lilla Rogers Agency. There are three rounds of the contest, and the winner gets representation by her agency....dreamy. The competition is pretty steep-there are over a thousand entrants, and many of these people are already fabulous working artists. It's a long shot, but it's my dream, so here we go!

I've been taking Lilla's courses for a few years. They are hands-down the best classes in the industry on creating illustration work that will actually get you work. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants to pursue a career in illustration.

This is my entry for the 1st round, and I also wrote a story to accompany my garden journal. I'd love to write and illustrate a collection of classic-but-new fairy tales for children. I'd love to fill libraries everywhere with mysterious tales and beautiful images. Stories like that were the highlight of my childhood and I'd love to be able to give that back some day.

The Snailmaid
Once upon a time, deep in the woods, lived a snailmaid who couldn’t have children of her own. She was kind and fair to look upon, and had a voice like a lark, but her shell spiraled the wrong way, making it impossible to find a partner.

More than anything, she wanted children of her own. Daily, the snailmaid wept bitter tears under the oldest walnut tree in the woods. A staghorn fern grew in the branches of the old walnut, and everyone knew the fern had a wisdom that could be tapped only by the deepest longing. After a year of tears, the staghorn fern took pity on the snailmaid and directed her to look into the hollow at the base of the tree. There she found two small anemone root cuttings. The fern told her to take them to her garden, plant them under the full moon, and care for them as she would her own children. Confused but determined, the snailmaid followed the fern’s instructions.

Day and night, through the blazing heat of August and the bitter frost of January, she cared for the tender plants the best way she knew how. One morning in early April, the snailmaid sensed a change in the air that could only mean the arrival of spring. She trailed through the garden and gave the anemones a drink from her copper watering can. She closed her eyes to the warmth of the sun and hummed a soft lullaby. The foliage rustled gently below. The snail maid stopped, but the air was still.

The second day, the two anemones had grown enormous buds overnight. They were a deep purple and a delicate pink. The snailmaid watered them, sang to them once more, and a tiny coo drifted up from below. The snail maid peered carefully into the garden, but all was silent and still.

On the third day, she watered them from the copper can, and started her lullaby once again. The leaves of the anemones shook, as though they were tiny arms reaching up impatiently for her. The snail maid ceased her song, and all was silent. Brushing the leaves gently, the snailmaid began to sing again. The leaves grasped onto her fingertip, like the hands of a newborn babe. To her astonishment, the anemone buds began to rapidly unfurl. Soft petals opened to reveal a pair of babies’ faces staring back at her.

“Oh!” Startled, she dropped the watering can and their petals snapped shut. She apologized and made shushing sounds. She petted and cajoled and begged, but the only thing that could coax them back out was the lullaby, so she sang until she was hoarse. She was overjoyed with her new green babies, and spent the night on the ground, curled up next to them in her snug shell.

The snailmaid moved into the garden for good to care for the wee flower babies. The larger one with the velvety purple petals and blond hair she named Abercrombie. He had a quick laugh and a grin full of mischief. The little girl with dark curls and warm pink petals she called Hallie. The girl had the softest voice, and was always on the verge of a yawn.

And there they stayed, the happy family in the garden in the woods, until the end of their days.

flower babies photo.jpg

I'm a winner for the Lark on the Park blackboard competition!
So excited---I won the big chalkboard in the main dining room.
It's located at Klyde Warren Park near the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center. They film us while we work, and I'll be drawing from a scaffold, so fingers crossed I stay ON it. :) 
Texas artists compete to have their art in this stellar restaurant in the Dallas Museum District that changes out their huge chalkboards a few times a year. The next installation will be up July 17th.
If you're having a "museum day", stop by to see it!

Wrapping up Assignment Bootcamp 2018

I've completed my Art Bootcamp for 2018-yay! This is my second year to take this course from Lilla Rogers Studio classes, and I learn something new every single time. You get a fresh, professional assignment per month January through May to add to your portfolio. I'm going to miss it!

Bootcamp 2018 Collage.jpg

When Mother's Day is Hard

To everyone who finds Mother's Day difficult, my heart goes out to you. For people who have lost a mother, a child, or a person that felt like a parent, this day can be a painful reminder that their loved one is no longer here. And not everyone has a great relationship with the mothers or children in their life. There's also a lot of anxiety involved for some people over step-families, the inability to have children, or the conscious choice to not be a parent, or sadness related to adoption. To all of you that find Mother's Day challenging, I hope you find some peace today.
(I wrote this a few years ago, but wanted to share it again.)


New series-"American Agates"

I've been working on a new series of paintings. I'm crazy about geology and maps, so I wanted to combine those passions with this series. I create an acrylic poured under layer to mimic natural stone and gems. I create a very thick, matte textured layer of acrylic and other materials on top to create a silhouette. Then I flood the bottom layer with a high shine coating to give the look of stone. The piece has the feel of a textured topographic map, along with the polish of semiprecious stone.
6" x 6"-$96
8" x 10"-$144
All gallery wrapped canvas-ready to hang, + $10 US shipping
Paintings are available by vising my shop link or emailing me: laurairrgang (at) gmail.com


Laura Irrgang speaks at "Drawn to Extremes"

Laura Irrgang Etta Hulme Drawn to Extremes Texas Cartoonist

I had a great time speaking at the University of Texas at Arlington on the panel "Drawn to Extremes: Cartoonists in the Digital Age". It was an honor to share the stage with Bill DeOre, award-winning editorial cartoonist for The Dallas Morning News for 35 years, Ed Owens-reporter and cartoonist, and William "Bubba" Flint-cartoonist for the Dallas Morning News and Dallas Cowboys. Thanks to Samantha Dodd (special collections archivist) for having me on the panel!
It was also a treat to get to see the Etta Hulme exhibit in the Special Collections library. Gifted to the University from the Hulme family, this collection consists of over ten thousand original cartoons, sketches, and other artwork.