Cassiopeia Dream

To celebrate the arrival of August, I have another #ThrowbackThursdaypainting:

Throwback Thursday…

I shared this “painting process” a few years ago, and want to revisit it since the theme was “August & yellow”:
Okay...this has a long explanation, but...I'm in an online creativity/artists' group, and this week's challenge was...make something inspired by the color yellow. It's so hot and so dry and so inarguably AUGUST around here.

I spent a day in the studio with my daughters, but only had a 2-3 hour chunk of time to paint with them, including set up, painting, and clean up. So I wanted to do something fairly quick and not too detailed.

Tons of things on my mind lately: Violet goes back to school next week. Although I like structure and routine, I'll miss the freedom to do what we want when we want and the time I have with her during the day. We stayed up late this week to watch the Perseid meteor shower together. I saw more than I've ever seen, particularly long ones that stretched across the sky. I tried to recreate the constellations of Perseus and Cassiopeia somewhat accurately, and put the meteors I saw in the correct place from memory. I fell asleep during the hottest part of the day today with the girls and dreamed of stars.

Last night, I dreamed of Dusty, Charlie Blaylock's son who is a Marine. I was driving him home from serving in the military, and while I drove up to his house, he was split into two people, one of them sitting in the passenger seat with me, and another version coming out of the house with a "welcome home" poster. This reminded me of the old "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" song, and I placed ribbons on each tree in the painting.

I also dreamed a small black cobra was wrapping around my wrist like a blood pressure cuff, and when it puffed back up it was going to strike and kill me. I've lost several friends and family members this year, and I turned 40, and my friend Christy who died was about to turn 40, and my sweet Memaw had a stroke yesterday and was taken by helicopter to a hospital, so mortality and death have been on my mind.

Also, I saw a gigantic water moccasin on an early morning walk/run this week. My dear twin identical cousins Scott and Joey turn 38 today, so they were on my mind, too. They are technically "mirror image" twins, so I made my hammock hanging between both mirrored oaks. That particular hammock broke while I was in it and dumped me flat on my back a while ago. Due to that I'm having neck/back pain, and it has been recommended that I train myself to sleep flat on my back for a while, which I hate, so I showed myself having troubled dreams in that position. I also heard on NPR (I think it was NPR) that the largest percentage of nightmares happen when people are sleeping on their backs.

Whew! That was a lot, but a lot goes into paintings for me, even when they're relatively simple. I tend to put a lot of personal symbols and associations into them. So...that was in my head today!

Cassiopeia Dream.jpg