Feline February Finale

If you didn’t already know, I painted a cat every day in February-Feline February! I asked people to send me photos of their cats, and I numbered each entry. 
Every day, I entered that total into a random number generator. Whichever number came up that day, I painted that cat. 
This was also part of a project called Colourful February, where artist Este Macleod suggested a color for every day of the month. I used each day’s color in the painting of the cat for that particular day.
This has been a really interesting month. It wasn’t always easy to complete a piece of art every single day, but I did it! 
I’m happy to have increased the work in my portfolio and to be able to share art with a lot of people.
Some of the pet owners I know, but many of them I do not. My favorite thing about art is how it can bring all of us together, even if in a small way.

Feline February Poster.jpg

Here’s one last look at the colors for Colourful February.

month of color colorsheet.jpg