Amaluna -Cirque du Soleil in Dallas

Amaluna was AMAZING! This Cirque du Soleil show is in Dallas a few more days. The trailer is in my other post.
It is an experience like no other. Seeing that striped grand chapiteau on the horizon makes my heart beat faster. 
Amaluna is a rough interpretation of Shakespeare's "The Tempest", with an all-female live band and 75% female cast, which is really rare in the circus industry. 
I wanted to show Violet strong, creative women doing amazing things. Ama means "mother" and "luna" means moon, so it seemed like a great mama-daughter event for the night of the Super Moon!

The costumes, the music, the athleticism, the complexity of the show...I'm gushing! Photography is not allowed, so I only have photos from the entrance, but oh-my-goodness I want to run away and join the circus now. Iā€™m sharing a few press photos from Cirque, too.
If you have the chance, treat yourself to this one-of-a-kind performance. You'll remember it the rest of your life.

Moon Goddess CWP_105.jpg