Laura Irrgang featured on Everyday Creatives

I was the "featured member" of Everyday Creatives earlier this week. That's an online group made up of artists around the world committed to producing art regularly. 
Here are my bio and photos from the feature:
(And thanks to the group’s founder, Dylan Mierzwinski for sharing my story.)
Hi there! I'm Laura. I’m an artist. A dreamer.
A lover of fairy tales, the woods, flea markets, and the smell of books. 
I spend my days making things in my studio in the Texas woods. I split my time between fine art, illustration, and cartooning.

Like most of you, I've always loved art. I went to art school, was a high school art and theater teacher, also taught adults at the University of Texas informal courses, and led the summer art program at a children's museum. In additional to teaching, I managed a contemporary gallery in Austin, Texas. While my two daughters were young, I stayed home with them, and saved up to build a studio at our home in the middle of nowhere. When they were little, I had an online business making Halloween and holiday toys, decorations, and art. I also did a ton of pet and family portraits. Now that my little loves are in in school, I'm back to art full time. Violet and Piper are my heart-I'm also their Girl Scout leader. I'm married to a Adam, who is an engineer who arm wrestles professionally. It makes me happiest to pet my cats, slurp coffee and splash paint, take walks in the woods and sing to the wildlife (seriously!) and play harp.

I've taken all the MATS courses from Lilla Rogers, been through Folio Focus, and tons of Skillshare classes. Just over the holidays, I purchased an iPad Pro and have started learning Procreate. 
I created the comic strip Glitterville, do fine art work for galleries, and am working toward shifting more of my work into illustration. I start illustrating a craft book this spring, and have recently won funding to create a large-scale public mural.

Art is my life-I think about it constantly. It brings me such joy to meet other creative souls in groups like this. Thanks for letting me introduce myself, and I look forward to getting to know more about YOU, too!