Let's play "I Spy" with my blackboard art!

You can look at this list while you're seeing the blackboard in person at Lark on the Park in Dallas, or you can play along from your screen.

-7 balloons
-1 dinosaur
-2 people playing croquet
-someone wearing headphones
-1 cat
-a picnic basket
-a mohawk
-people playing petanque
-someone sewing
-someone ladder golf
-someone on a scooter
-a Willie Nelson fan
-Eunice the unicorn from Glitterville Comic
-2 bunnies
-5 people with beards
-someone putting
-3 ½ hearts
-someone in a taekwondo uniform
-3 people doing yoga
-6 food trucks
-19 balls
-2 people playing table tennis
-a Girl Scout
-10 people wearing glasses
-3 seashells (For Laurie-thank you for helping me find a practice blackboard!)
-a chicken
-parking meter
-Batman symbol
-2 Trekkies
-a mail lady
-19 dogs
-someone eating ice cream
-13 pigeons
There's also a self-portrait of me with my family. (Hint...I'm in the Glitterville shirt.) 
I drew 26 people I know in this blackboard...I hope they have fun spotting themselves!

Lark on the Park Blackboard Long.jpg
Lark Left.jpg
Lark Middle.jpg
Lark Right.jpg

It's so fun to eat there and watch people looking at the blackboards. It makes me happy to see people enjoying the art and pointing out little bits they like.

Laura with Lark Blackboard.jpg

Lark on the Park has the prettiest flowers. Next time I'm in, I'll have to ask who does their arrangements.

Lark Flowers.jpg

Here's a rough draft for my piece. Sometimes I work very close to my initial draft, and sometimes I don't. 

Rough 1.jpg

The one below is an even earlier draft. However, I ended up getting chosen for a board that would be up starting in July. So, I decided to re-imagine it for warmer weather. 

Chalk Mural 1.jpg
Laura Irrgang-Lark on the Park submission small.jpg

Another early idea in black and white. 
Below are the other blackboards that are up right now. It was fun to work with the other artists on installation day.  (Artists below: Jackson Henry, Miguel Bonilla, Brent Hale, Gabriela Marisol, Dace Lucia Kidd, Jingchun Quan)

Lark Board 2.jpg
Lark Board 3.jpg
Lark Board 4.jpg
Lark Board 6.jpg
Lark Board 7.jpg

The food is amazing at Lark---I bet you'll be thrilled with anything you choose. Chef Ryan Barnett has a changing seasonal menu.

Lark repost.jpg

(Above photo credit: Lark on the Park, all others photos by Laura Irrgang)