Inktober 2018

I’m doing Inktober again this year-anyone joining me?
Inktober is a project where artists draw anything in ink during October. There are different sites and groups, like Draw-lloween, Monster per day, etc.

Click here for a link to the Inktober website.
This year, I’m doing ALL Glitterville-related art. Some will be my regular comic strip, and some will be fun one-offs or activity sheets.
You can follow my Inktober progress at any of these places:
blog: Glitterville Comic Blog
Facebook: Glitterville Comic
Instagram: @glittervillecomic

I’m cheating a bit and using color for some, but I always start with real, live pen and ink!
Here are my first few days:

Spooky Square Scramble.jpg
Glitterville Comic-October 2, 2018.jpg