The Halloween Room

It’s my favorite time of year! If you haven’t noticed, I’m a humongous Halloween fan.
Wanna see some photos of my studio?

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This is my Halloween Room. It’s Halloween all year long in here! My daughters and I love curling up in here with a stack of scary stories.


I keep all my spooky goodness in here. When it’s not the haunting season, it’s a great room for reading or having a quiet cup of tea.


When you have a ton of art hanging around, something always seems a little crooked. I painted a big series of small black and white paintings years ago. I kept my favorite monsters from the set. And there is a top-secret hole in the wall under the Darth Vader mask. Mysterious things appear in that small passageway sometimes. Seriously.

arch (1).jpg

That ceiling was tricky to paint! Glad I did, though. I wanted it to look a bit like the inside of a circus or carnival tent. I love orange and yellow! The mobile is made of owls, bats, and monarch butterflies.

Here’s the doorway that leads to the Arabian Nights Room. This was when we had just finished but not moved in yet. I drew the door frame shape and Adam built in. That guy can build anything!


The door leads to my husband’s shop. That’s our “love window” He can see me and I can see him all the way into my painting area. We planned it that way so we could wave at each other. We’re sappy like that.
Happy Halloween Eve, everybody!