100 Days of Art!

I'm celebrating today...I have created art every day for 100 Days. I started the #100DayProject back on January 1st, and I made something Every Single Day. Some days it was a detailed painting and some days it was chalk on a sidewalk or writing a song on harp. I wanted creativity to be something that was part of all my days, just like coffee, hugs, and brushing my teeth. I think this project has really helped cement the practice of creating into my daily routine. I wanted to thank the creators of Everyday Creatives (the group of artists I worked with) for organizing this project. It has been such a pleasure to work with you guys, and all the other artists in the group. 
P.S. There are even a few more pieces I didn't include in here because my compilation poster filled up. :)

100 Days of Art for web.jpg