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January 07, 2017


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Hey there... how nice your holiday looked! I love all your traditions (how wonderful is the nature tree for the animals, anyway?!). We didn't do a big tree this year, just a tabletop one, and I finally took it down and tossed it today. I always find little Christmas-y items and hidden pine needles weeks after it's over, too. Well, onto Valentine's Day next and seriously, I can't wait!!!

Laura Irrgang

Thanks, Nan! The nature tree was my favorite thing this year, I think. We got so excited to watch out the window to see if it was getting any nibbles. Violet got one of those cool spy glass-type monoculars for Christmas, so she was glued to the window like a little pirate.
The needles on my floor are out of control. I've vacuumed four times and they're STILL in there.

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